Welcome Visiting Faculty Jia Yi Gu

Jia Yi Gu will join the Graduate Architecture Program as a Visiting Faculty Member for Fall 2019.Jia Yi Gu is the Executive Director and Curator of Materials & Applications, a Los Angeles-based non-profit cultural organization dedicated to presenting new ideas in architecture and art through built experiments and critical programs.

Jia Yi Gu will lecture on Monday, October 7, 2019, and will address Materials & Applications history and its current moment as a public space for the display of architecture. Putting architecture on display is one of the most widely enacted and fundamental aspects of critical contemporary form of production. As a practice, display makes public (and sometimes evident) architecture itself, including its meanings and definitions, but it also produces other architectures: the house museum, the white modernist cube, the full-scale mock-up, and in the case of M&A, the site-specific installation, the temporary pavilion, or the one-to-one architecture. The lecture will present M&A’s most recent history of architectural projects alongside a reflection of its work as an organization dedicated to building a public culture of architecture.

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