History Theory Experiments (HTX) at California College of the Arts is a platform for advanced interdisciplinary research and critical engagement in architecture. HTX is dedicated to expanding and intensifying the ways we think about buildings and landscapes. We are especially interested in alternative and experimental modes of historical practice, including spatial activism, counter-histories, reconstructions, exhibitions, and new materialities of discourse.

Since its founding in 2013, the Project has sponsored conferences, exhibitions, workshops, and seminars on monuments and racial history, past and future utopian visions, digital reconstructions of historical environments, the economies and ecologies of extraction, augmented reality platforms for urban history, and more.

HTX supports a one-year post-professional graduate degree, a Masters of Advanced Architectural Design in History Theory Experiments (MAAD HTX), where students can explore the possibilities of new genres in history and theory. The HTX degree program draws on its location within an experimental arts college and the potential for interdisciplinary collaborations with scholars and practitioners in visual and critical studies, curatorial practice, film, and writing.