Architecture and Race Seminar

Spring 2018

Instructor: Irene Cheng

“Architecture and Race” explores the intersections of racial and architectural theory from the eighteenth century to the present. Surveying key movements and figures from neoclassicism to modernist primitivism to postmodernism, the course proposes that issues of race traditionally seen as marginal can be reread as constitutive to the discourse of modern architecture. This course explores whether ideas about race and racial others can be uncovered at the core of grand narratives of the rise of modernism, especially in foundational tropes such as the primitive hut, ornament, national style, whiteness, regionalism, and postmodernism. The course culminates in a public exhibition of students’ research projects.

Architecture and Race seminar, spring 2018:

Shahad Alamoudi, Mia Candelaria, Alison Foronda, Clare Hacko, Quinn Hammond, Cassady Kenney, Namhi Kwun, Jennifer Pandian, Pete Pham, Ji Qi, Nicholas Scribner, Jennifer Tai, Jieh Jia Tan, Maria Ulloa, Tianqing Wang, Zhongwei Wang