If you have specific questions about the Experimental History Project or the Masters Program degree MAAD History, Theory, Experiments, please email lead faculty Irene Cheng  or David Gissen  directly, and for general questions email .

Applications for Fall 2018  study to the MAAD HTX degree are now open.

Lead faculty:

Irene Cheng, Assistant Professor, Co-coordinator Experimental History Project and MAAD HTX

David Gissen, Professor, Co-coordinator Experimental History Project and MAAD HTX

Affiliated faculty

Neeraj Bhatia, Assistant Professor
Lisa Findley, Professor
Janette Kim, Assistant Professor
William Littmann, Senior Adjunct Professor
Brian Price, Assistant Professor
Katherine Rinne, Adjunct Professor
Sandra Vivanco, Professor

MAAD HTX Students and Alumna

Yves Ghai Chamlou, Graduated 2010 (Director, Yves Ghai Chamlou Architects)
Joseph Becker, Graduated 2013 (Associate Curator of Architecture and Design, SFMOMA)
Kelsang Chandra, Graduated 2015 (Escuela Libre de Arquitectura, Mexico)
Sitou Akolly, Graduated 2016 (Architect and researcher, UN Studio, Amsterdam)
Meghana Prabhune, Graduated 2017
Fangying Zhu, Current Student
Shubalakshmi Shekar, Current Student

Lucie Waschke, 2016

Visitors (Guest lecturers and Critics)
Lucia Allais
Brendan Cormier
Brinker Ferguson
Zephyr Frank
Nicholas de Monchaux
Keller Easterling
Joseph Grima
Pamela Karimi
Mari Lending
Marlin Lum
Albert Narath
Michael Osman
Jorge Otero-Pailos
Carla Schroer
Jeffrey Schnapp
Mark Wasiuta
Winnie Wong